Sunday, May 1, 2011

Achieving Goals

Most people have goals. Some reach them, some don't, some keep striving. Ken and I have a goal of retiring to a full-time RV life. We love living close to nature, love to travel, and we definitely love meeting interesting people. We hope to experience all of those things on a full time basis some day in the near future. We know we have work to do to get there but we keep planning, prioritizing, and moving toward that goal.

Our son, Ken Jr., has had a goal since he was a very young boy. I can remember sitting in the stands at the raceway watching cars race around the track, enjoying the excitement and thrill of it. I can remember Kenny being mesmerized by it all and I specifically remember him saying many times over the years since he was a little boy, "Someday I will have a race car."

He never gave up his dream. His "someday" came a few years ago when he purchased his first race car, a dwarf car in the sportsmen's classic division. His first year was full of trial and error but by the end of that season he had his car humming along and he was making great improvements as a rookie.

His second year was full of surprises and lots of overtime at work that prevented him from racing many times. Last year he purchased a different car and didn't have it ready until mid season. He still didn't give up. He kept working toward his goal of winning the race. He won his first feature last year at the last race of the year at Deerfield Raceway.

Last night was the first dry night this season that a race could be held at Deerfield Raceway and he started it off by winning the feature in his division. Goals aren't always attained easily but Kenny achieved his by not giving up. Congratulations for a job well done Kenny. I'm so proud of you and happy for your accomplishments in life.

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