Sunday, May 15, 2011

Same Old Story

It's not only happening here, but it seems to be happening in so many places in the USA! That is.....rain, rain, rain. Today we have been sitting inside the camper except for a couple of dog walks and an excursion in the truck to look around the campground. The back of our site is flooded beyond anything I have ever seen. Our picnic table is sitting in water along with some of our tiki torches. Good thing we weren't planning a cookout today. We would have a hard time getting to the fire pit and also finding dry ground for anyone to sit.

I am guessing the Army Corp of Engineers is holding back the water as long as they can to help those areas downstream time that are flooded. We have sites completely underwater and some of the electric boxes are getting close to being dangerous.

That doesn't stop the fishermen though. The lake is full of them in their boats for a fishing tournament. But you really don't need a boat to fish today. At the beach area, you could fish from the parking lot because some of it is underwater. Ken captured this picture of a fisherman sitting in his chair at the edge of the parking lot. He named it, "Never Ever Give Up". I just hope he moves his chair before it is underwater also.

This building is a rental place for boats and jet skis in the summer. But if you want to get to the dock you better know how to swim or wear your water wings.

To get to the dock in the campground you would also have to wade through water. We got a kick out of this sign near the campground dock which is helpful in late summer most of the time but not appropriate with the conditions we have today. In case you can't read it, it says, "Caution: Boating hazardous due to unusually low water." The water in that area is nearly up on the road leading to the dock.

Beach, where is the beach? It is gone! Completely underwater! Oh well, no sun to sit under anyway. I'll skip the blanket on the beach and stay in the truck today.

We do have a lot of lakefront property here this weekend though. And this site is usually not one of them!

Our two yurts which are lakefront property, are close to being underwater. The water is close to the level of the deck they are built on.

Hosts, Pat and Butch, enjoy using their kayaks here at Mosquito Lake. But they will have to swim out to get them. They also have to swim to adjust their satelite dish. The back of their Class A is sitting over water also. They have a sign they usually hang on their post that says, "Beach Bums" so I guess they really are!

I'm sure a lot of people at campgrounds across the country are dealing with this same wet weather, but I sure hope it ends soon.


  1. Wow. What a sight. A few more days of this and that is what my backyard is going to look like! (Haha?) Stay dry, and keep smiling!

  2. Do you have any spare life jackets lying around? :)