Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers are Special

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women lucky enough to earn that title. Mothers come in all sizes, shapes, colors, religions, and age. New mothers are all around us out here at the lake as all the birds, frogs, geese, ducks, and squirrels are being born.
But there are some really special mothers in our lives. The mothers of my mom’s generation were special because they had large families. Birth control was not something that was around then or accepted. Most moms then stayed home and ran the house and raised the children. Having a large family was just the way it was when the Baby Boomers were being born.
 The Baby Boomers (my generation) planned their families, having the choice of when and how many children they would have. I did the best I knew how when raising my children. I know I made a lot of mistakes but they were done in love. There are a lot of things I would have done differently now that I can look back at them in hindsight. But since I can't change them, I hope my children will forgive me.
Today’s generation, those having children now, have a more difficult time. Even though they have birth control and choices, there seem to be more burdens upon young women today. Many of those women are working, going to college, or raising children alone. My generation also had numerous mothers who worked but it seems it is a dire necessity for today’s young mothers.
There are special moms out there that go way beyond normal. Those mothers have special needs children, prematurely born children, ill children, or autistic children.  Those mothers put in many more hours and endure a lot more stress than most mothers. Among those mothers is my daughter, Karin, whose twins were born three months prematurely. Having a multiple birth in itself is a big adjustment but add to that the trials a new mother goes through when her babies’ lives are in danger day in and day out.  In my eyes, my daughter is one of the best mothers I have ever met. She became an instant nurse, teacher, advocate and overseer when her boys were born. I recently wrote about the goslings, the baby geese, and how the parent geese watch over their brood. My daughter knew what was going on in their young lives and learned the importance of fighting for what her babies needed and spoke up immediately if she saw someone doing something that could harm them or inhibit their progress. She stands up for them all of them at school, seeking extra help when needed and making sure the teachers are on the same page with her.
Karin is one of those mothers who appreciate and enjoy her children every day. She lights up when she sees her children after a day at work or when she comes home from college at night if they are awake. If they spend the night at one of the grandparents or cousins’ house, she is elated to see them when they return, having missed them dearly while they were gone. She puts her children first in all of her plans in life. She makes sure they have many happy experiences and takes them to so many places to expose them to life. All three boys feel special and know their mom is special and feel her love. She checks their homework and spends hours helping them with it until they understand. She attends the events they are in at school or sports and church. She spends special time with all three of her children and they adore her. She is one lucky and special mom.
Another special mom is my niece, Lori. Lori has four children ranging in ages from 21 to grade school. Her oldest was severely injured in a car wreck in July last year. Lori spends so much time helping Jeff with physical therapy and exercises at home. She works with him to understand what his needs are. His voice is gone for now but she knows how to communicate with him, having devised her own system to help him spell out what he is saying. She attends rehab sessions with him at Hillside Hospital, learning how she can help him at home. Lori wakes very early every morning to start her day. Her day is long and full of work. But she keeps such a good attitude and outlook on life. Lori is a special mom who is so thankful to have her son still with her. She endures the ups and downs of his recovery but does not give up hope that he will regain all his former abilities. Lori also makes sure the other three children do not feel left out. Her children help her and accept Jeff just as he is. They have adjusted to the situation and help her when they can.
It takes a special person to be a special mom. Thank you to all those special moms out there. God bless you and your children.


  1. Thanks Mom! You did a great job raising us, and I dont remember any mistakes that you made. I learned how to be a good mom from you!


  2. Awwwwww, Aunt Jan. You made me cry! Thank you so much for all the nice things you said about me. But, as I am sure Karin aould say to, you just do what needs done. I don't feel like I am doing anything special. Just trying to make my son and keep my family whole. There is no choice as to whether or not to do any of it. These are my children, it's a package deal.
    I hope you had a fantastic Mothers's Day. I did. We all deserve it. Keep smiling as tough the sun is shinging, eventually it will be!