Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busy Weekend at Mosquito Lake Campgrounds

This is the kickoff weekend of summer. We have many families who chose to start it at Mosquito Lake Campgrounds. The campground is full of people and pets, boats, trailers, tents and even canoes.

This canoe was sitting at the camper's site. I asked if he was giving rides.

This one is across from our site. Lovely!
I love the peacock that lights up at night.
 The Friends of Mosqutio Lake Campgrounds planned many activities for this weekend, using the theme of "A Luau". Several camps are decorated and the winner of the decorating contest will be chosen at the Pot Luck dinner today.

People are dressed in costumes and also will win prizes.

Our new host, Kim

Tonight Liz will be training our two newest hosts, Kim and Mary, how to set up and show the movie. Tonight's movie is "Stitch the Movie". I plan to attend tomorrow night's movie, "Tangled," while Ken works the check in station. My grandson, Aaron, loves this movie. I saw a portion of it with Aaron but didn't get to see it all. The movie had to be cancelled last night due to rain.

I was amazed at how many people pulled in during the rainstorm last night. Today started out cloudy but has turned into a beautiful sunny and warm day. Our naturalist, Cindy, started the day off with a bike tour of the park, showing off different areas, and explaining things to her riders. This afternoon she helped the children make sand art bottles.

We captured many people fishing, walking and even snoozing during the day (including myself but I don't plan to post that picture).
They caught a large mouth bass
just before the picture was taken
These people were going to the boat launch
And these people were returning from the boat launch

Well, I'm going out to capture more of the fun going on here at Mosquito Lake Campgrounds in Cortland, Ohio. Enjoy your weekend. I'll post moreof the fun later or tomorrow.

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