Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We came back to the camper tonight with cloudy skies in some areas and the sun peeking out in other areas. I was somewhat pumped thinking we could get a "picker upper walk" in tonight. You know…where we take our litter grabbers with us and an empty Tidy Cat litter bucket and go for a walk. We get our exercise and also pick up any papers or trash along the way.

Ken sat on the deck while I made dinner. He called to me to get his camera. I'm so glad I did. He spotted two fairly newborn owls in the tree with the owl’s nest. They are so adorable. They are only about a foot tall and their feathers are still not colored completely. They look like they are covered in lint. There they sat, side by side, peeking out of the hole in the tree. Their huge black eyes appeared to be watching us as we watched them.

After dinner, I went out to watch the babies while Ken was inside downloading his pictures of the "twins". I couldn't believe my eyes! There were now three babies in the tree together, side by side. When Ken came out with his camera, the newest baby flew away. This must have been one of the babies we had seen in the past week or so. He is bigger and must be older because he can fly. The twins can't fly yet. I watched as they kind of walked up the tree limb, fluttering their wings as balancers.

We then realized there were actually at least five owls on or near our campsite. We heard one of the adults call out, then heard the returning call from another adult. Shortly after that I heard the raspy sound of the older baby who had just flown from the nest, and at the same time the twins were in the tree. So five owls in this tiny area.

But for some reason there are a lot fewer chipmunks. (Sorry Alvin, Theodore, & Simon.)

By the time the dishes were done, the skies were telling us a storm was brewing. Can you imagine that? Rain? Couldn't be. Oh yes it was. We didn't get to take our walk because of the rain but I was glad we at least got to see the twins. Gotta look on the "bright" side even if you have to manufacture your own sunshine!

We are supposed to get rain tomorrow and then some sunshine on Friday and Saturday before it starts raining again. I just wonder where all the campers are going to stay next week for the Memorial Day weekend. The campground is completely booked. Ken gets to work in the check in station that weekend. He is going to hear a lot of complaining from unhappy campers whose sites are uninhabitable. Nothing he can do about that but we are wondering how the situation will be handled.

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