Sunday, May 1, 2011

My day with the boys

The day finally arrived that I got to spend with my three grandsons at the campground. Andrew called at 7:15 am to ask if they were allowed to come earlier than originally planned. "You can come anytime!" I said.

We all had a blast and I think I forgot I was not a child. We had a beautiful day with the weather cooperating, mostly sunny but a bit cool at times.

We spent the day riding bikes, playing at the playground, and roasting hot dogs over the fire that they helped Paco Ken build (dummy me didn't buy the marshmallows to roast).

We unloaded a pickup truck of wood and stacked it on our site. The boys were filthy dirty, played out, and happy when they retired inside to watch a video before falling asleep.

We awoke this morning to a rainy day but they still weren't ready to leave when their parents arrived. I'm waiting for more days together here at Mosquito Lake Campgrounds.

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