Saturday, May 21, 2011

If you have sun, they will come,,,,

The campers have arrived! Finally! We were thrilled to see how many families showed up this weekend to camp at Mosquito Lake State Park Campground. I think everyone felt so cooped up and the first sign of sunshine, they got themselves outdoors and into camping. Welcome back all you campers!

 Last night Ken and I went to dinner with several of our wonderful friends from the campground. We had a nice dinner and then sat outside the restaurant on one of the picnic tables, It felt so good to be sitting outside and not getting wet. The bees have arrived though so we had to keep an eye on that situation. With all the rain we have had, we will probably have a summer full of mosquitoes. Well, that is the name of the lake isn't it?

Campers really are friendly people for the most part. We have met so many nice people while staying out here, as hosts, and before. Vi and Gary come here every year and camp on the same road as us. They are such down to earth, friendly people. Vi has been camping since she was a child. They will be leaving next week but will return again after Memorial Day. I hate when they leave for the last time of the summer each year. They have a large garden to tend and Vi helps babysit her grandson. I think if she could, she would be here more often. As an example of how nice Vi is, one day she came to our camper carrying a handmade gift. Her sister got her started with painting birdhouses. She knows how much we enjoy the birds from our deck. She made one especially for me! What a great surprise! Thank you Vi.

Since it didn't rain, the races are on and we will be going to watch Kenny give it his best again tonight. I hope he gets to hold that checkered flag again tonight.

The hummingbirds are back. We got our feeder out last weekend and they have been "hanging" around it. I'll post some pictures after Ken captures them. He was explaining to me what has to be done with the camera settings to get their pictures since they are constantly fluttering their wings. It's still all greek to me. Auto mode is for me.

Ken also caught a tree frog for me last Saturday while I was at Relay for Life in Liberty. He put it in a red plastic cup and put saran wrap over it with a tiny slit for air. The tree frog got out and he had to recapture him. I was really surprised at how small he was. For all the racket they make, they are tiny. (At least this one was). Tiny body with long legs for that tiny body. We didn't get a picture of it though because he moves too fast. I let him go next to the tree where Ken found him. Right in front of our deck.

Last night while walking Clayton down to the dock, I just happened to shine my flashflight downward in front of me. There sat a green frog still as can be. I shined that light all over him, crouched close to get a good look, and he finally blinked an eye. I probably should have moved him off the road to keep him safe, but I didn't want to get warts!! Hop froggie hop!!

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