Monday, May 2, 2011

The Goslings are Here

Whenever we arrive back at the campgrounds in April I know we will be hearing the honks of the geese around the lake. They are especially noisy in the spring when they are choosing their mates and protecting their nests.  Sometimes their honks sound like the rubber horn I had on my bicycle as a kid. I also hear the skidding splashes of the geese as they land on the water feet first gliding in somewhat gracefully. When they are scared the signal goes out by one of the geese, then gets louder as others join in. Soon I know I will be hearing the flapping of wings as they all take off for safety together.

This week I finally saw the first baby geese (goslings) from this year's hatch. They are so cute with their yellowish downy feathers and their cute little waddles. I love to watch them as they swim close to their parents. It amazes me how closely both parents watch over their goslings. I am mesmerized as I watch them swim in the bay sometimes with other "families" of geese, all the goslings surrounded by their parents. It seems like all the adults watch over the young. If one strays from their own family, one of the other adult geese will guide it back to their parents.

Have you noticed that when two adult geese face each other beak to beak a heart shape is formed?

                                                          Must be true love!!

And the product of that love is:

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