Monday, October 1, 2012

Scary Sugar Sleuth


Boy did I surprise Mama Sunday morning. No, no, no….I didn’t skip out of church or anything like that.
She took me for a walk. She told me we were going to walk in the woods.
And that wasn’t bad enough. She said we were gonna walk in the “Haunted Forest” .

I heard the A-Team talking about that Haunted Forest thing. They said they went on a hayride through the Haunted Forest last year.
Well, that sounded like fun -a hay ride.
But Mama didn’t say anything about a hayride. She said we were gonna go on a long walk. Not so much fun if you ask me.

So anyway, on the way to the Haunted Forest, I remembered the boys saying how scared they got.
SCARED???      Sugar SCAREd????        Ummmm…No
Sugar does not get Scared!
Over and over I told myself, "Sugar Sleuth does not get scared."

But I had never been to a haunted place before. I don’t even know what that means.

Since the A-Team was scared to go on the Haunted trail maybe I should be ..should I say, something like cautious?
As we got closer to the Haunted Forest, I decided Sugar Sleuth needed to get into action and protect Mama and me.
I put my nose close to the ground, checking for any haunts.

Aha! I found one and snatched it up before Mama even saw.
Oh boy…..she wants haunted, I’m gonna give her haunted.

There was something sticking out of my mouth that gave me away.
“What do you have in your mouth?” Mama asked. “Drop it.”
I clamped those chops of mine down hard. I’m not giving this up. Sugar Sleuth found it on her own and she’s taking it to the Haunted Forest.
 Mama bent down and told me again to drop it. No way! Then she tried to figure out what I had. She said it looked like a piece of elastic sticking out of my mouth.
She tugged on it but I wouldn’t let it budge. Finally she got my teeth apart and pulled it out of my mouth.
“Boo!” I said.
 She didn’t hear me though because she was squealing and gagging. Sugar Sleuth pulled a Halloween prank on Mama. 
Mama pulled a mouse out of my mouth.
Mama was not happy with my surprise. But Sugar Sleuth put the scare into Mama!

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