Monday, August 29, 2011

Three Ring Circus

Tonight is a great night. The weather is great, a little cool. The skies are clear and full of stars which shine like bright lights. So, I'll pretend they are the lights for the circus show we witnessed tonight.

The first act consisted of the Baby Teasing Toads appearing and disappearing, materializing from nowhere. You look down and all of a sudden they are there, sometimes several of them. Look away and they disappear. This little toad is doing his rendition of flossing. {What is that thing hanging below his mouth?}

Sit back in your seats and you will see the next act, the campground Wild Cat. Wearing his black and white tuxedo coat he sits in the shadows anticipating his moves. The "Teasing Toad" sits directly in front of him, still on the stage.  Wild Cat is ready to perform. He pounces, trounces and captures the Toad. Gone...gone...gone....Wild Cat just ate the Toad!! He slouches back into the shadows, a curtain of leaves and branches closing his act.

After an intermission, the outside natural light has now dimmed. All is quiet and the crowd sits ready. It is time for the Flying Trapeze Squirrels. They are first spotted, both landing gracefully on the side of the large tree. Around and around the tree they chase each other. All becomes still and the crowd awaits. Before their very eyes, one of the Trapeze Squirrels glides through the air and lands safely on a small branch. Shortly thereafter, the second Trapeze Squirrel glides through the air and lands nearby. Soon they perform in tandem, one then the other, gliding through the bushes and trees in front of the crowd. Before it is all over, one of them lands safely on the bird feeder and closes his act with a mouthful of seed, hanging upside down by his tail, his black beady eyes bulging from his face.

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