Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brag Book Moments

Sometimes we just have to brag....This is one of those times for me. Earlier this year I wrote a blog about my son, Kenny's goal of having a race car. I wrote about how hard he worked to achieve that goal and how proud I am that he achieved it.

But Kenny went on to make me and his whole family even prouder of him with his racing ability. Saturday night he won his fifth feature event of 2011.

I'm sure he can't hear us nor see us as he races past the stands filled with fans. We filled a good portion of one row this weekend. Karin, Bill, Aaron, Andrew, Austin, Aunt Barb, Ken and I were there. Marissa and Angela's father helped in the pits because Kerry couldn't be there or they would have been in the stands, sitting on the edge of their seats like we were. Karin and Barb couldn't stay in their seats and I had to tell Barb to sit down so I could see the race. I understand their enthusiasm. As a mom, I sit nervously praying for Kenny's safety and a win along with lots of cheering. (It's probably better that Kenny can't hear me.)

This week Kenny won his heat, started in 7th place in the feature and came out on top, winning the race. By doing this, he also moved himself into first place in the points. This is a  very close race for the first place in points. He had been in third place for some time, but only two points behind the second place position when he started this race. He is now only two points ahead of the second place points person. I don't understand how all the points are earned, all I know is that my son is now in first place.

Whether he is able to stay there for the remainder of the season is yet to be seen. I am bursting with pride for him and even if he doesn't end up as the first place points person Kenny can be proud of himself. I have watched him evolve from a first time newbie behind the wheel a few years ago to a confident competitor. He keeps his cool, has patience, and works for his wins. When things go wrong, I would expect someone who has put so much work into winning to get upset, yet he doesn't. He knows things happen and he moves on. He works on the car to make it better and gives it his best the next week.

What happened last week when I wasn't there proves this. He was close to taking first place in the heat but spun out and ended up last. He started the feature in 12th of 13th cars. He worked his way up to the winner's circle, something that is hard to do. I wish I would have been there to hear the announcer for this race. I am sure he was as excited as I would have been had I been there.

I have not seen Kenny smile so much as I did on Saturday night after winning that race. He doesn't like his picture taken but he didn't seem to mind this weekend. He made me feel like a million bucks when he asked me to pose with him in the winner's circle. (The picture from my camera was blurry-darn it!)

Keep up the good work Kenny. Your whole family is proud of you, win or lose. You are a champion to us and always will be!

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