Monday, August 22, 2011

Cleanliness is next to what??

Friday night while Ken worked the check in station I stayed home after work and did some laundry and some projects around the house. When I returned, I stopped and asked a campground friend to stop by our site and visit for a while since I was alone. When I got to the site, I took Clayton for a walk and my friend accompanied me.

Clayton, of course, did his business and I cleaned it up using a campground doggie bag. We returned to the site and I disposed of the bag in our trash can. We keep a plastic bottle of hand sanitizer on the back bumper of our camper right above the trash can.

I know I have a thing about washing my hands after touching yucky things but I never knew that such little creatures at this did too. He must have touched the trash can too and decided it was time to wash up.

Luckily I looked before pushing the plunger on the sanitizer or my little buddy would have been squished or I would have  been traumitized!! By the way, I think this is a tree frog. Remember when I was looking so hard for one before Ken caught one for me?

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