Monday, August 1, 2011

Things that Go Hum in the Night

Ken worked the check in station this weekend.  He worked Friday evening right after he got off work from his full time job, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning. 
I knew that by Sunday evening he would be tired and would feel like he didn’t have a fun weekend.  Therefore on Sunday morning while he fulfilled his duties, I made the bed, did the dishes and cleared the counter. I put away the parts of the spit that had been used earlier in the week when he cooked lamb and roast over an open fire. The bar and two end prongs had been sitting behind the stove all week. The bag with the remainder of the pieces was sitting on the deck underneath our little glass table. It was time to finally put it away. Then I decided to try to get as many of the campsites cleaned before he got off his Sunday morning shift so he would have more free time later in the day. As soon as a site was vacated, I pulled our green wagon with the trash barrels and shovels, litter picker uppers and rake and got it done. By the time he finished his shift at 1 pm there only about six or seven more to go.  I didn’t say anything to him about having done the sites. He saw the wagon out front and said he would wait to eat until we finished the sites. When he saw how full the barrels were, he realized I had cleaned some of the sites. We then put the barrels in the truck and drove to see how many more sites we needed to do. He was so relieved to see that there were only a few and said he would do them on Monday morning before it got hot. Sunday was now a free day for him. He thanked me many times.
We spent the afternoon and evening together.  Ken went to bed while I paid some bills online, checked email and edited a blog. “Do you hear a humming noise?” he asked from the bedroom?
“I can hear the computer running,” I answered.
“Okay, we’ll see if that is what I am hearing when you turn it off,” he replied.
When I went into the bedroom, he called me over to his side of the bed and asked me if I could hear the humming noise which I couldn’t. Remember, I have hearing aids and Ken has Superman hearing and always has.  I blew it off, went into the bathroom and took out my hearing aids in preparation for a good night’s sleep.
Before long, I was out. Ken sat up on the edge of the bed a while later and I noticed. I asked if he was okay and he just said he couldn’t get comfortable. Okay, back to sawing logs for me.
When I woke in the morning, he gave me the bad news. “We have to buy a part for the batteries on the front of the camper,” he said (or something to that effect-I am not mechanical at all but that is my comprehension of what we needed).
Ken had been up since 3 am, trying to figure out what the humming noise was that he could hear so well. It was driving him crazy. While I had my chain saw going in the bedroom, he was listening in between the snores, trying to figure out what could be humming. He got on the internet and went to to see if anyone else had experienced this strange noise. He was outside the camper in the middle of the night looking around. The noise was definitely coming from the front of the camper near the battery boxes.  
When I  took Clayton for his morning walk, Ken told me to stop by the battery boxes and be quiet and listen. He was right. There WAS a humming noise and it was coming from that area.
When I left for work, I laid a signed check on the table so he could get the part(s) he needed from Ralph’s RV store. He also mentioned something about the electrical box (again, I am not mechanical nor do I understand electrical things) so I wanted to make sure he had enough money to get this camper fixed.
Ken called me about 9:00 with the good news. The humming had stopped. He didn’t need the check I left him and it didn’t cost anywhere near what he had anticipated from reading online during the middle of the night.  He took the rug from the kitchen area, laid on the ground under the camper, checked out the battery boxes, did more research online and finally located where the humming noise came from.
In the front of our camper under the bed is a storage area. When I put the bag of spit parts in the storage area, it must have turned on the switch to the battery operated motor. This was under Ken’s side of the bed, right under his head. No wonder he couldn’t sleep. (It wouldn’t have bothered me.) All night while he was trying to sleep, this humming noise carried on right below his head.  Well, so much for helping Ken out!!

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