Saturday, September 10, 2011


As usual on Sunday afternoon, Froggy was out and about helping his "Mama Diane" clean sites. Froggy, a golf cart with a dusty green coating, whizzed along amongst the campsites, making it quicker for Mama to get her chores done. Later in the day, Froggy's Mama and Papa stopped to talk to Ken and I. During the discussion, Papa Frank, mentioned that he has a golf cart on order with parts to make it match his Red Corvette.

Poor Froggy- old, used, and not so pretty anymore. Imagine what went through his head. "Am I being replaced with a new shinier version?" "Don't they love me anymore?" "Aren't I good enough?" My heart went out to Froggy right there on the spot.

I think what Froggy heard broke his heart- literally. It wasn't much laterthat same day that we saw Papa Frank bending over and checking Froggy out in the street in front of their campsite. We stopped to see if everything was all right. Mama Diane said Froggy wouldn't start, just quit working. I got an email the next day informing me that Froggy died.

Our hearts poured out with sympathy for Diane and Frank. How would they get along without their dear Froggy who was so faithful to them? He went many places with Diane and they had many hoppy memories. He has been to a luaua, pancake breakfasts, the check in station, craft shows, the doggie park, visiting other campers, and the movies. He even had a special spot for the Halloween Bash scavenger hunt. The children would have to find Froggy and hear his beautiful horn blow to get their card stamped by Mama Diane.

But don't fret yet! Froggy may get a heart replacement. Champion Golf Cart may have a heart sitting on the shelf. Papa Frank is going to try to do an outpatient heart replacement surgery on Froggy. I hope Dr. Frank's medical skills are up to par. Froggy should only have the BEST.

Let's all hope that Froggy survives the surgery, heals quickly and is out and about with Mama Diane again soon. We miss you Froggy.

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