Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy Beavers

I took this picture of the new Beaver's nest recently built and still under construction behind our site at Mosquito Lake. This is the same place the beavers built a nest or resting place last year. The second picture is one taken last year while the beaver was on the next.

This guy needs a new toothbrush!

Just like the beavers, Ken and I have been very busy this past week moving to our new campground, Leisure Lake, in Diamond, Ohio. We packed, carried, stowed and delivered items to our home, his sister's, and the new campground.

Ken, Jr. came through on Monday by driving his trailer for his race car to Mosquito, helping us load it (and boy did we appreciate that!) and then delivering it and helping unload it at Leisure Lake. We did the whole thing again for the second trip which got it all. He then took some stuff to be stored at Barb's house until we get our shed delivered.

Ken and I got two sections of the deck in place on Monday evening once we were approved to leave the trailer parked where it was. There are rules and regulations here to be followed and two trustees must approve that you are parked within the guidelelines. We put the steps in place and took a breather on the lawn with a couple of cold ones.

Before the deck or steps were up
 We were exhausted and went to bed early. We didn't think we would be staying in the camper on Monday but because of Kenny's help we got so much more done than we expected and we went to bed here by 9:30.

Ken finished the deck this morning and it looks good. It is not as high as it was at Mosquito. We got the lamp post put up and the flowers are in place. We have running water and electricty and hope to have the grey tank installed soon.

I swam in the pool here this afternoon and had it entirely to myself. I plan to use it as often as possible until it closes in the next couple of weeks. They keep it open until they run out of chemicals and that is projected to happen in a couple of weeks. I hope the A-team gets to use it before they close it. Those three boys are just too busy anymore!

Good Bye Mosquito Lake. Hello Leisure Lake!

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