Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rain, rain go away, come back another day.

How I wish that rhyme would really work and make the rain come back another day when we want or need it. I have had enough rain for a while. I have become a complainer. A weather complainer. Wonder what I will be like when I am really old??? Oh boy…maybe I don’t want to go there. I am sure my kids don’t want to know! So….
Okay, God, Thank You for this rainy week. Although I don’t understand Your reasoning in giving us this much rain, I accept it, although grudgingly.
My youngest grandson, Austin, who I call “Grandma’s sweetheart,” has been practicing for tee-ball. But I doubt they had any practices this week. He is a good athlete for only being six years old. He has always tried (and done a good job) to keep up with his older twin brothers who are nine. They played ball since kindergarten but decided this year they didn’t want to play baseball. But Austin couldn’t wait. I am looking forward to his first game this year to see him in action again.
All three grandsons played basketball during the winter at their church. What a great experience that is for all the kids participating. They learn the rules without the pressure of having to win. No scores were kept but the concept of the game was reinforced over and over. Andrew (who I call “Braveheart”) didn’t really want to play at first but ended up loving the game. And quiet Aaron was like a tiger on the court, guarding his man to distraction. I was amazed at how well they knew the game by the time the season ended. All three want to play again in the fall.

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