Saturday, April 16, 2011

A bright spot on a dreary day...

Red Bellied Woodpecker
 We woke to very high winds this morning. It was all I could do to stay upright (a little exaggeration there) while walking our dog, Clayton. But really, this was a big windy day. I have never seen the waves on Mosquito Lake so big or so rough. Even in the bay behind us the water was sloshing all over the place.

We got lots of rain today too. Yippee...we really needed more rain. We had a creek running down the back of our campsite and there is really no creek on our site!

Ken drove around the campgrounds after I returned from my walk with the dog. He told me that the canvas tarps (similar to EZ ups) over the picnic tables at the Yurt sites were blowing all over, the pipes holding the canvas were laying all over and he thought the whole thing would be ruined unless someone did something. So we went back and struggled to just hold onto the canvas without the wind ripping it out of our hands. It felt like a kite when the wind would get a gust inside the canvas that I was holding while Ken was trying to unloosen it from the pipes. He said it was like a parachute when he was holding the entire canvas after I handed my portion to him. Hopefully, they are salvageable and can be put back up once the maintenance crew returns next week.

We did have a short time with some sun before the rains returned. The winds have stopped and the lake is calm. We are supposed to have a wind advisory starting tomorrow morning at 6 am. There was no wind advisory today so I am curious as to how bad it is going to be tomorrow. Maybe we will end up in the Land of Oz!

Clayton on deck
We are looking forward to our grandsons coming to visit us at the campgrounds. We have so much fun riding bikes, hiking, throwing rocks in the water, swimming, playing ladderball, and of course eating! Ken bought a checkers game today because Aaron (we call him Professor) has learned how to play and we are looking forward to challenging him to a game or two. We will have all three grandsons (Aaron and Andrew-9 yr old twins, and their 6 year old brother, Austin) here on April 30, and I am so ready for that. I hope it isn't raining. But if it is and it is warm, we will walk in the rain and enjoy it. Right boys?

My question for today- Where do the birds go when the wind is so strong that I can hardly stand up? How can they hang onto the branches with winds that strong?

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