Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Friends and Sounds

Well it is Friday night. We are still hearing the sounds. I did some research and I am guessing that it is not crickets. I think it might be tree frogs. After listening to sounds online, and choosing the sound closest to this high pitched noise, I am  pretty sure it is a tree frog. There are several different kinds of tree frogs but I think the one we are hearing is the spring peeper.  I haven't actually seen one and I guess that is because they hide out during the day in twigs and branches and behind bark on trees so that their predators cannot get them. but at night, they sing their hearts out, starting in March. One thing I have figured out is that when you walk past an area where there is all this noise at night, and you shine your flashlight toward that area, it immediately becomes quiet. I mean silence in that area! So I guess that proves tree frogs don't like to make noise during daylight and don't like being seen.  If you click on the link above you will see the tree frog. Click on this link and you can hear the sounds it makes. You have to click on the little arrow in the top left of the screen.

Well, one mystery solved. Now if I could just find an owl's nest! I'll keep looking for one of those because we have a lot of barred owls around our campsite. I have only seen one so far this spring, but I know there are probably more. I just wonder where their nest is.

We went out to dinner earlier tonight with another host couple from the campground and one other person from the campground. It was nice to sit around the table and exchange conversation about what we expect out of this summer, or pass around a rumor or two we had heard. We have a great group of hosts here and people at this campground are so friendly. It seems that people feel almost like this is their second family. I know that as each person or family comes back to the campground, they are greeted with hugs and welcome backs, pats on the back or big handshakes. It seems that everyone felt this past winter lasted way too long. We are still waiting to see three other hosts when they return to camp.

Well, enjoy your discovery on the link I enclosed.

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