Monday, April 25, 2011

The Dog Walkers

There is a group of people who come to the campgrounds every weekend to walk. They arrive at the same time and they all have their dog or dogs with them. The dogs are all very well behaved and get along so well together. Our little dog, Clayton, does not always greet other dogs with respect, so we usually keep him by himself when we are out walking. But these dogs all walk nicely on their leashes. It amazes me to see some of the dog walkers with two or three leashes to handle.  But these dog walkers have their dogs under control. We see them most weekends when we are sitting on the deck observing the birds while drinking our coffee. The Dog Walkers are a friendly group of people. I asked them if they belonged to a dog group or something but they told me they are just friends who get together to walk their dogs. They said they have picked up "stragglers" along the way, other people they have met while out walking their dogs that they invited to join them. This helps other dogs learn to be more sociable and not so skitterish.

There are a lot of labs, some retrievers, and a beautiful black and white long-haired dog but I don't know what kind he is. Yesterday one woman was walking the cutest little dog who is 13 years old. He is grey and white with a little tan, a mixed breed. His tail has hardly any hair left on it but it curls up majestically anyway. He has the cutest little face with black eyes looking out and cute little ears that stand up. He resembles a poodle and a husky mix to my observation. He is the last dog in the picture above.

While we were talking to the Dog Walkers yesterday, one of the dogs must have been bored and wanted to let us know. He rested his head on the back of his buddy and just stayed there until the Dog Walkers moved on. What a great picture Ken captured!

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