Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blonde Moments

The other day when we arrived at the campground, I noticed several yellow blooms on the bush near our site. I was ready to exclaim that the buds on that particular bush had opened into flowers when I noticed one of the blooms hop right off the branch. To my surprise the bush was full of goldfinches or otherwise known as wild canaries. They were so pretty sitting there on the bush that I thought they flowers.

Another day I was looking into the beaver pond to see if there were any beavers active at the moment. I was also hoping to discover one of those noisy tree frogs in the area. I could see circles in the water that kept getting bigger so I stood still for a few minutes watching, trying to see what was making the circle get bigger. I then noticed more circles in the water, then more. I thought perhaps I had scared several tree frogs into jumping in the water or moving in the water. But as I stood there watching the number of circles in the water multiply quickly, I realized my head was getting wet and it was raining!! No tree frogs, no beavers, just raindrops!

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