Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ear piercing sounds

There seems to be a loud piercing sound all around us this week at the camp. When I first got out of the truck on Friday evening, I thought my hearing aids weren't working right. Then I realized the high pitched piercing sounds were all around us. Just to be sure, I asked Ken if he could hear it also. We both describe it as piercing sounds. When I walk down the road to the boat launch, I pass by an inlet from the bay. It seems that the noise is louder still in this area. My guess is that it is crickets. At first I wondered if it was frogs but I think the sound is too high-pitched and continuous. Today I looked at a website called junglewalk.com which has recorded sounds many animals and insects make. There are more types of crickets than I ever imagined but the sounds I heard at that site mimick pretty closely to the sounds I have been hearing at the campsite. I am now wondering if it is mating season or if there are certain times of the year when crickets are louder. I don't remember hearing this much noise last summer from the crickets (if I am right in blaming the cricket for the racket). I'll have to look into that and let you know what I discover.

Have a great discovery day!

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