Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Three Days to a Week can Make a Difference

I got a haircut last week. I guess my description of what I wanted and and the vision my hairdresser got didn't match.

I told her I wanted my hair shorter than she cut it the last two times. I explained that I wanted it shorter but long enough to "tuck" it behind my ears.

She kept talking about my new summer haircut as she trimmed away. I thought we were on the same page.

I nearly gasped when she quit clipping and I looked in the mirror. The top and bangs were fine but when I "tucked" it, there was hardly enough hair to do it.

I went home and wet it, blow dryed it and felt a little better.

I went to work the next day feeling somewhat self-conscious of my new "summer style." I heard some compliments and thought, "Are they lying? Trying to make me feel better?" We went to camp for the weekend and my neighbor commented on my new hairstyle. I told her I was still adjusting to it and was not completely happy with it.

She said, "You know what my Daddy used to say? The only thing between a bad haircut and a good haircut is about three days."

It's been a week now and he might be right. I don't hate it anymore and maybe in another week I'll have enough hair to do a real "tuck". Then I think I'll love it.


  1. nothing worse than a haircut you don't like..I always say the difference between a good one and a bad on is six weeks..it looks nice though!..you will get use to it!

    1. It still needs to grow a bit more before I am going to be completely happy with it. Ken says I never like my hair when it is first cut but this time he would be correct!

  2. Actually, I like your "do". I'm not really a vain person, but one of the biggies about traveling full-time is that I seldom go to the same salon twice... never go to the same stylist twice... never can really express how I want my hair cut to someone new. So I've gotten some really crappy cuts over the years. I think you did good.... and really, if you're really not happy... it will grow out.