Monday, June 6, 2011


How do you know when you are getting old or outdated? Go to the drive in theater and try to get the speakers to work. There I stood, next to the truck, turning and turning the knob on the speaker that was hooked to the pole next to our vehicle. Ken was at the concession stand waiting for our order. The movie starts and I still can't hear a thing. I stop a young man walking toward the concession stand and ask him if he knows how to make the speakers work. He just smiles and says, "I really don't know. I think you just turn the knob." We both turned and turned but nothing happened. Ken returns with the pizza and I tell him we don't have any sound. He goes around to empty spots trying to find a speaker that works before moving the truck. The movie keeps playing. I am watching it from outside the truck, listening from someone else's speaker. Finally Ken returns and tells me to get in the truck. "Oh good," I think, "He's found one that works." I am wondering at this point how he plans to move the truck without disturbing a lot of other people already enjoying the film. Then he starts fiddling with the radio. "I guess we will be watching the movie and listening to the radio at the same time," I am now thinking. Finally, we start to pick up sound from the movie over our radio. Luckily someone told Ken that none of the speakers outside work and that you listen to the movie through your radio. Guess it goes to show it has been a while since we went to the drive in. Hopefully, next time we go, we will not have "sometimers" and we will remember to use the radio!

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