Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long time no post

Whew a week has gone by without one post from me! I think the long holiday weekends which make the next week short screw up my timing. We worked for quite a while on Monday, Memorial Day, cleaning up sites in the humidity that tired us out quickly. The campground had been full and our sites had lots of fire rings full of wet ashes from Sunday night's rain (which wasn't supposed to happen). Even though we both felt good when we started out cleaning the sites, it wasn't long before we both felt drained. But we got all our sites cleaned on Monday. This weekend wasn't too busy in our area so we got our sites done in much less time.

I took pictures of some of the campers last weekend and promised to post them. I give a big apology for taking so long to do that. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the people who posed for them.

These women were trying to get their dogs to cooperate in posing for a picture in front of their winning campsite decorating contest.

The dogs in their hula skirts and leis finally cooperate and I capture the shot.

The winners stand in front of their site, all dressed up

Everyone loves a dog dressed in a skirt

You're not seeing things. This woman walks around with her parrot on her arm or shoulder.

He finally let this young lady hold him! He is beautiful as is this girl.

Roxie also had a lei. She loves riding with Renee and Stella

A young man made his 1985 Toyota truck into a convertible. He slept in the bed of it over the weekend. Had a mattress in there.
The long weekends are great for campers. We made sure to camp on those weekends when our kids were young because it gave us one extra day. Little did I know how much work it created for the hosts. We don't mind though. We love seeing the campers come to Mosquito Lake Campgrounds.

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