Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sammy the Cat

 My pets become like family members. I talk to them, play with them, teach them and discipline, similar to a child.

I become emotionally attached to them and still grieve over some that have passed.

What is it about pets that make us never give up hope when they are lost?

There is a cat in our area who is somewhat famous or at least recognizable. No, he didn’t do anything heroic, nor does he perform fantastic tricks (that I am aware of anyway).

I see him on my way to work all the time. 

A family in our area has been looking for Sammy the Cat for quite some time. At first I just saw flyers on telephone poles asking for his return. Then I started spotting ads in the classified section of our newspaper including his picture.

Billboards have popped up all over our area with his picture and a reward being offered if he is found. It started out at $1000.00 and is now up to $3000.00. That’s a lot of money!! That is not to say that this is what his owners think is he is worth. Considering all the advertising they have done to find Sammy, it appears he is worth more than money to them.

There was a segment on our local news about Sammy, an article in our local newspaper, and even commercials asking us to find Sammy.
Where is Sammy? His website says he has been seen. How long ago? Are there still sightings of him?
Is he such a special cat that someone would keep him for such a long time from a family so obviously heartbroken over his loss?

Is Sammy in another world, possibly the victim of eating poison, meeting his Maker by the squeal of a tire, or did some other animal get him?

Or could Sammy still be out there, fending for himself all this time? 

Obviously, his owners still believe he is alive and nearby. I hope they find him soon.

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  1. some pet owners never give up on finding a lost pet! hope Sammy finds his way home soon!