Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Letter to Austin

Austin, my youngest grandson, had a difficult time at Christmas last month. His innocence was so sincere, yet his buddies planted doubt and it was shattered for him and our family. When he said to me, “Your youngest grandson is no longer a little boy, I felt great sadness. My answer to him was, “I still believe."


Dear Austin,

You asked me a question, a very important one. 

Do you believe?

In Santa Claus? In Christmas? Happy childhoods?

I remember being an excited child at Christmas. I would hear the tinkling clanging bells from Santa’s sleigh as I lay in my bed, waiting for any signs of his arrival. I wondered how he didn’t get burned coming down our chimney and landing in our furnace, for we had no fireplace. I believed somehow he did it, how I will never know.

I believe Christmas is a magical time of year. We wait expectedly every Christmas Eve for the joy and wonderment it brings. I believe we are supposed to believe,

          in Christ’s birth

          in His love for us

          in children’s imagination

          in the joy of Christmas

          in true love

          in families

          in giving and taking

I believe in the seasons coming and going over and over every year without fail.

I believe we should allow ourselves and our children the freedom of mind to envision miraculous things and places, to visualize them, feel them, and let the excitement of these imaginings grow.

I believe the world is full of good people who care deeply about each other and appreciate the comfort of having each other near.

God tells us to believe in Him, in the Christmas Story which will forever be true. I know you believe too, Austin.

Most of us have believed in Santa and his powers and it is a wonderful, exciting, happy time for us, as children and adults. Children making lists, having trouble sleeping, counting the days - the happiness and excitement of these children makes adults believe too.

Yes, Austin, I believe. I hope you always do too.


  1. you don't believe you don't receive?'...that was what we told our daughter when she was growing up! the wonder of Christmas through the eyes of a child..nothing like it!!

  2. For sure! They make Christmas special!