Saturday, January 19, 2013

Party Girl, Court, and Cone Head

My week was filled to the max.
I appeared in court Monday after being subpoenaed, not a big deal.
A new experience for me sitting on the stand, talking into the mike. All went well in the end.
 Lots of year end stuff going on at work to keep my mind boggled. This too will pass.

Birthdays come and they go. I try to keep mine low key
But that doesn’t mean others will go along with that idea.
I found out I must be a nice person after all (maybe most of the time)
Although I don’t always feel that way.
My birthday started shortly after midnight with a kiss and “Happy Birthday” from Ken.

As I was gathering my things for work, my phone rang and the A-Team each wished me Happy Birthday.

A few minutes later I noticed I had a text from my son. What he wrote made my day!

 When I got to work, my office had been decorated, and later balloons were delivered to add to the d├ęcor. We had cake at lunch.
In between working, my cell phone rang several times, I received texts, and even emails wishing me Happy Birthday!

In the mid afternoon another delivery – beautiful flowers from the A-Team to Munya. I couldn’t ask for better grandsons, because there could not be any better anywhere in the world.

Several friends went to dinner after work to celebrate. It was so nice to sit around a long table just talking, catching up and seeing friends I’d not seen for a while who made the special effort to be there. That meant so much to me.
When I got home I felt elated. I had a WONDERFUL birthday. I’m so glad my family and friends didn’t let me forget about it. Really, I’m only one day older than I was the day before my birthday. How bad can that be?
Thursday was one of those stressful days at work. Ken and I both were ready to let down so we went to the Roadhouse for dinner. We had good food, beer, and relaxed. By the time we left, both of us were in much better moods.

Our little Sugar had her “surgery” yesterday. She will not be giving us any cute little puppies. All went well and she has been good. As a precaution, we put the cone on her head before bedtime. She doesn’t know what to make of it. She hates it and so do I. But as the instructions from the vet say, “It’s only a week out of her life and she won’t remember it later.”
I will be celebrating my birthday again tonight with my family. We will be at Karin and Bill’s house with the A-Team. Kenny and Marissa and their two nieces, Danica and Ashlyn, and Barb and Jerry will be there too. We are planning to play games with the kids. I love playing board games. Andrew on the other hand, finds them to be too much like homework because he has to think. Oh well, Andrew, I still want you to play. I hear you are getting pretty good at Clue.
I hope all of you had a great week too. What wonderful thing happened in your life this week?


Thursday, January 10, 2013


Out with the old? No that would be me

In with the new, whatever will be.

Remember, reflect, then plan ahead

We got through it all, no need to dread.

Last year I found that in sickness and health,

A family that cares is worth more than wealth.

They pulled their weight and stuck by my side

Made me so proud, I burst with pride.

No asking or needling, no prodding it took

They helped Christmas Eve when dad couldn’t cook.

Not only to me but to others they gave

Of their time, their hearts, and money they’d saved.

Compassion for others, their kindness and giving

No words need said, it shows by their living.

I speak of my children, whom I deeply love

They are precious gifts from the One above.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Problems with Blogger

I am having trouble posting pictures in Blogger. I apologize on how my posts may look until Blogger fixes their problem.

All Aces at the Bee

Ace didn’t make it easy for us. Throughout the spelling bee, he sat paying attention, trying to ignore the girl next to him who insisted on talking, looking composed and collected. He was the second of twenty-four spellers, from grades five through eight. This was his first time in a school spelling bee.

When it was his turn at the mike, he looked calm and unruffled while his family sat in the first row, clenching our seats and praying. We breathed a sigh of relief when he got the first, second, third round words correct. I’m not sure but I think it took about five rounds before he misspelled a word.
He so wanted to win this spelling bee. “I’m out, I blew it,” was written all over his face as he moved to a row farther back with the others who had misspelled words. Maybe the lucky penny I had given him was not so lucky after all.
  During this same round, everyone except an eighth grade girl misspelled words. Thus, she became Struthers Middle School spelling bee champion for 2013. Since everyone else had misspelled their word that round, all of those left in that round got to come back and compete for alternate for the school. Thus, Aaron Ace McCullough, was back at the mike first. At this point, it was all eighth graders left except for Aaron, a fifth grader.

He spelled his word correctly, then sat down. The remainder of eighth graders each got their turn at the mike and all of them misspelled their word. It looked like Ace had made it for alternate. But alas, the rules state that he must spell one more word correctly before being declared the alternate.
It was not to be so easy. He misspelled that word. Once again, everyone in the last round got to try again. This went on for about six more rounds before one by one the eighth grade students misspelled their words. Finally, finally, Aaron was declared the winner.
The entire middle school cheered and clapped. His twin brother, Andrew, sat with his class cheering him on in his heart throughout the bee. His youngest brother, Austin, still at the Elementary school, had asked his teacher if she could show the spelling bee on the classroom monitor but she could not connect with the Middle school. When Austin’s teacher found out that day that Aaron had made alternate, she had the entire class make things to give to Aaron in congratulations. Add all that to the congrats from his classmates and the trophy given to him upon winning.


My grandsons are all awesome and they all amaze me. Congratulations Aaron!