Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Who's Your Daddy? Sandwich"

Ken and I tried a new recipe today over the fire. Ken found it online at this site: The recipe was for an onion chili sauce to be used on hot dogs, sausage or any kind of meat.
He nicknamed it the “Who’s Your Daddy?” Sandwich.
Ken got the Weber ready and cooked smoked sausage, getting that good smoky flavor added to the meat.
I started off by thinly slicing six sweet onions. Ken put some oil in the bottom of our cast iron skillet and got it hot over the fire, then added the onions. We cooked these down and got them somewhat browned and soft.
Next we added a thinly sliced sweet red pepper and two jalopena peppers also thinly sliced. (The recipe called for four jalopena peppers but we knew that some of our guests did not like hot stuff so Ken decided to cut it down to two).

After these were cooked together for a while, we added about one pound of ground pork.

 Once this was browned we added approximately one pound of chopped smoked sausage that had been cooking on the grill while we cooked our onions and peppers.

Cooking over the fire like this required lots of stirring to prevent burning.

Next came four jars of Chile Sauce.
About two tablespoons of honey.
Some pepper to taste.
And Tobasco Sauce to flavor.

We simmered this for a while over the fire until it blended together and got thicker.

At the grocery store, we were going to buy sausage rolls but then our eyes caught sight of this scrumptious bread.
We decided to make our own rolls from the bread by cutting it into the lengths as needed for the size of smoked sausage each person chose for their sandwich. We sliced it lengthwise and made it into a bun.

Next we put the smoked sausage from the grill in the bun, then ladled the sauce over the sausage.

YUMMY!! This was quite a sandwich, especially with the huge bread being used as a roll.

The flavors blended together well. The sandwich was messy but pretty good. We decided that it would have been better on a regular sausage roll because it was too much bread.
I also think the four jalopenas that the recipe called for would have added a needed kick to the sauce.

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  1. Oh my! That looks really good. Not enough people here to eat it...but would be good for a crowd.