Monday, January 9, 2012

“Help Me.”
Two simple words handwritten on a small cardboard sign she held with both hands at chest height close to her body. She stood close to the corner of a busy intersection near the mall.
She was a smaller sized woman wearing a winter coat and a red hat who had the look of a slightly crazy person. What kind of help does she need? Should a person stop and ask? Would the answer entail a lengthy go nowhere conversation? Am I even able to help her? Do I have whatever it is she needs? Is she really a con artist?
What brought her to this point that she would chance her safety by standing on the side of the road where cars have to stop when the light is red? Yes, many people will see her here. If several make a monetary donation it could add up to enough to help her or con them big time; that is if it is money she needs.
There are so many people that need help.  A few weeks ago at another light near the mall, a man stood wearing work boots and holding a sign offering to work for money. Someone ahead of us got out and gave him money. Last summer we saw a man at the end of an exit ramp holding the same type of sign. We made a donation to him. I wish we could help them all.
The light turned green and we drove away.

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  1. This is really beautiful. I'm full of contradictions, too, about how and when to help.