Saturday, July 9, 2011


This week Ken and I took vacation. We keep telling each other that this is how it can be when we retire; not having to get up at a certain time each morning, not having to get ready for and drive to work, not having a work schedule to adhere to making us try to fit in everything else in life after that.
We haven’t slept in yet. We have not thought much about our jobs. We have spent time doing the everyday kind of things that retired people do. We sit on the deck and drink our coffee in the morning, watching the red-headed woodpeckers arrive for their meals. Along come the cardinals, red winged blackbirds, the gold and red finches and the hummingbirds. Our suet feeder sat empty until later in the week so the woodpeckers came sporadically to the feeder with the sunflower seeds until we refilled it.
We have spent time with friends from the campground during the day, enjoyed concerts at the marina, watched our youngest grandson take part in the Fourth of July parade, then his All Star mushball game, spent Tuesday with our daughter, son-in-law and three grandsons feeding the fish at Pymatuning Lake and letting the boys enjoy the beach.

Wednesday we had the pleasure of having Aaron alone with us and we took a ride to Geneva on the lake as well as to Geneva State Park.  
Aaron enjoyed the arcades and we enjoyed watching him concentrate so hard to win. We then checked out Geneva State Park Campgrounds before coming home.

Thursday night we went back to the drive in theater to see Super 8 which was okay but not great. We remembered to use our radio to get the sound this time. It was a late night because Super 8 was the second movie. The first one was Transformers which was okay but a little too long on the ending.
I thought we would sleep in on Friday but that didn’t work out too well. I did get a little nap in on Friday afternoon which helped.
Today we took some time to go to some garage sales near the campground but didn’t find anything us old folks need. We will go to the concert today with friends and probably have a fire tonight. We enjoyed a fire last night after Ken made some awesome steaks on the tripod. It was amazing to watch the fire lick up the side of the steaks, dancing off the moisture that dripped from the steak. The orange flames seared them nicely. They were so tender and juicy and all he did to them was pack them in rock salt for a while before cooking them.
There is only one more day of vacation for me. This vacation was well needed and well enjoyed. I know I will have a lot of catching up to do at work but the time off was great. Now, how can I get to retirement sooner???

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