Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mosquito Lake Campgrounds vs Geneva Campgrounds

We checked out the campgrounds at Geneva State Park while on vacation, comparing it to Mosquito Lake Campgrounds. The only thing I liked better was the bathrooms had flush toilets and also showers and they had another shower house. Mosquito only has one shower house which has flush toilets and the rest of the bathrooms are pit toilets. The sites at Geneva were neat and had grass but did not have the character of Mosquito Lake Campground sites. Geneva State Park Campground appeared as if they cleared the area for the roads of the campground, then only cleared the trees back so far along each road to make campsites. The sites were all pretty much the same size and didn’t go back into the woods. The sites had trees behind them but no camping areas in the back like Mosquito Campgrounds.  Geneva has only 100 sites compared to 234 sites at Mosquito Lake Campgrounds. Our amphitheater is definitely bigger and better. Their screen was smaller and they didn’t have as many or as nice seats as Mosquito. Their theater sat at the front of the campgrounds right in front of the check in station. Ours sits a little in the woods and away from all the hubbub of the campground. Beside our theater we have a butterfly garden and the pavilion where lots of activities take place, especially for the children.  They had only one camper host. The host occupied one of the last sites in the campground, at the end of the last road as you exit the camping site area. We didn’t find it until we were ready to exit the camping area. Campers in the other areas are pretty far away from the host. They have three or four sites that have full hookups which need to be reserved well in advance. They do have one road just like Mosquito which is a non-pet area. Geneva has a lodge nearby unlike Mosquito Lake which does not.  There was a bike trail right across from the campgrounds which was nice in Geneva. We have a bike trail in the area but it is a couple miles away. The campground store at Geneva is quite a bit larger than our campground store but Carol sure has a lot more merchandise in our store. She utilizes her space wisely whereas Geneva had a big open space in the middle of the store with no merchandise in it. In comparison to size (100 to 234 sites) I believe we still had a lot more campers utilizing the park on a Wednesday than Geneva did.  Geneva also has twelve cabins available for rent. We passed them and they looked nice. We didn’t stop to look at them.
Overall, I personally prefer Mosquito Lake Campgrounds over Geneva at this point.

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