Sunday, February 18, 2018


Last night I dreamed about a special person who occupied a big part of my life. That was my mother-in-law. What a woman she was. Giving, kind, organized and most of all, the family Big Kahuna.


In my dream, she had come back, was alive. She was a little confused, having been gone so long. How I have missed her!  

She mentioned that she used to have a ring with colored gems in it. I knew she was talking about her Mother’s Ring that she wore always, except when she had her hands in a bowl, mixing ground meat or kneading dough.

 “You mean your Mother’s Ring? I have that Dee. It has stones in colors for the months your family was born.” She looked at me quizzically, probably wondering why in the world I have her Mother’s Ring.


That ring, so precious to her, now sits in my jewelry box, protected, not to be lost. Its value in dollars? Probably not much. Its worth in sentimental value, more than money could buy.

 It was worn so much that the top of one stone is partially worn down. She was so proud of her family. Her husband, her children, her grandchildren, her brothers and sisters, and her parents.

Her house was the “Gathering Place” on Christmas Eve and many other times throughout the year. There were often spur of the moment card games or game nights held with just a phone call from her to a few members of the family.

She might call and say, “I’m making homemade soup, do you want some?” 

Or pizza. She would say, “I’m making pizza. I’ll do the St. Rose wrap. Just stop after work and pick it up.” The St. Rose wrap was wrapping the pizza in waxed paper, then wrapping it again in newspaper. A local church she attended sold pizza on Fridays when my husband was a boy and that is how they wrapped it.

 So for today, that ring is going to be displayed on my pinky finger in honor of Dee. I am curious to see if anyone notices I am wearing it and why. I can’t have her with me, but she does appear in my dreams. For some reason this ring was in the dream with Dee. Maybe she will travel with me throughout this day, as she travels with me in my heart every day.

Do you know someone with a Mother's Ring? Do they or you still wear it?


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