Monday, December 19, 2016



The Team


Team (noun) –

a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport

Basketball Player Dribbling Ball Collection Stock Photo

To be part of a team, you have to work hard at the sport. You have to practice, hone your skills, practice moves, learn plays, and then practice it all over again and again.

You have to give it your all, more than you think you have to give sometimes.

To make it on a team, you have to try out! To make the team, you show you give all you’ve got for the team; that you will continue to give all you have, even when times are rough, when you’ve had a bad day, when things are not going the way you wish.

So once on the team, show respect for your teammates and the coaches. Work together to better each other, all of you. Stick together.

Build each other up. Help each other improve in the areas each of you are lacking. Accept criticism if it is the kind that will make you better.

Have faith in each other, in the ability of each player to do their best moves. Accept that everyone is not good in all areas. Each player has something special to give to a team, yet seldom is one player an expert in all areas of the sport.

Remember, tear down a team member and you tear down the pride of the whole team. Each member of the team tried hard to get there to do his or her part to earn the win against the opponent. The opponent is never one of your team members.

As the definition above says, “A team is a group of players forming one side in a competitive sport.

As a team, be one side. Be one team. Support each other on and off the playing field.