Sunday, March 8, 2015

Catching Up to Grandma

How can it be? It seems like only a short while ago that I held you on my lap, rocking you to sleep in my arms. You were a perfect structure of tiny body parts, miniature in every way, except those bulging cheeks, so familiar to preemies. I nicknamed you Mr. Magoo because that is what your cheeks brought to my mind. We have shortened it over time, dropping the “Mr.” and sometimes just referring to you as “Goo”. So appropriate was the name Magoo because it rhymes with Andrew, something I did not realize when I started calling you by this nickname.

We enjoyed you and your twin, Aaron, as “babies” longer than most grandparents because of your small size. We could carry you around without problem at older ages than most children because you didn’t weigh what you should.

Eating was a problem in your early life, one that you definitely have overcome. Sometimes it seems you will never get full! But that eating has caused growing. Your body has developed into a handsome, strong young man. And yes, I say the word “Man” when referring to you because you are not a little boy anymore.

At 13, you now stand as tall as me. The final measurement was last night at my house. Over the last couple of years you and I have compared how tall you were against my body. When you realized you were getting closer a couple of years ago, it became a familiar phrase from your lips: “Grandma, I am almost as tall as you!” You would stand your body close to mine, looking up to see where you still had to grow. “Yes, you are almost as tall as me, Andrew, but you are still not up to my shoulders!”

“Grandma, I am catching up to you,” you said as your hand over your head touched my shoulders. “Yes Goo, you are up to my shoulders now. It won’t be long.”

This past summer, you said, “Grandma, I am as tall as you!” with excitement in your voice. “Stand back to back and let’s see,” I told you. “You are close but there is still an inch or two before you are as tall as me.”

At Christmas, we tried again. The gap had gotten smaller. “It won’t be long now Magoo before you and I are the same height.”

A couple weeks ago, while I was making your favorite banana pancakes, we tried again. “Grandma, I am as tall as you now!” “Not quite, I said, but close.”

Last night, after eating dinner together, just before you left, you stood right in front of me, pushing close to my body. “Grandma, I am as tall as you now!”

We turned around, back to back, and I said with surprise, “Yes Andrew, you are as tall as me! How did that happen?”

You left with a smile of accomplishment. I stood there in awe of what a sweet, kind, handsome, and TALL young man you have become. I love you Mr. Magoo.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Thank God it is Friday!


Sometimes life seems so hectic and we just want that down time. I am so looking forward to down time tonight and this weekend. As I walked into the office this morning and said, "Hello", the next sentence out of my mouth was, "It's Friday!"

A co-worker raised her hand and said, "Thank God!"

As I said hello to another co-worker and asked how he was, his comment was, "I am glad it is Friday!"

I am not alone here and I am sure I am not alone at a lot of workplaces. We are ready for the weekend!!