Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Springtime flowers….Or not!

I have always loved a beautiful flower garden, whether located at Mill Creek Park which overflows with tulips and daffodils in the spring, to a small garden in a yard. Well, really I wish it was in my yard. For years I have wanted a garden but don’t put the time in it takes to tend to a really lush one.

Several years ago, I planted tulip bulbs in front of our house. We had some bushes planted near the porch and there was an area in front of them where I could plant flowers. The next spring, I was so excited to see the green leaves pop up, anticipating the beautiful blooms I thought would grace my yard for years to come.

I got only a couple that opened up into flowers. The next year, I saw several plants sprout up again with green leaves but got no blooms. I wondered if it was possible to put the bulbs in the ground upside down or something. How come I could not get any flowers on these plants?

The bushes continued to grow, and overtook the area where the tulips had been planted. I saw no more green leaves coming up. That is until this spring. My son removed our bushes last year because they were not in good shape anymore.

So this year, I see those green leaves again, only four plants, still striving to make it in my yard.
Will I get flowers this year? Time will tell. For now I will put up with the April showers in hopes of May flowers in my yard.