Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hi There and Happy Halloween!

This is my first official Halloween. I heard we were supposed to get some things called witches and goblins knocking on our door later today to celebrate. I'm not real sure what it is we are celebrating but I know I sure look cute in my costume. Mama says the goblins (I wonder if that is part of a turkey?) aren't coming tonight because of some lady named Sandy who made everything real wet and rainy around a lot of the country. I wonder why she did that? I would get in trouble if I wet all over the place.

So now I have to wait until Saturday to see all the fun costumes. Maybe it will be dry enough that I can wear my costume and sit at the door or on the porch and help pass out candy. I sure like all the kids!

Behave Sandy because I really want to celebrate Halloween. I hope everyone gets to celebrate today or another day soon, once it dries out where you live.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting Ready for Nanowrimo
I have spent the last couple days getting ready for my attempt in November to write 50,000 words. I have checked out a couple of the forums on the Nanowrimo website, filled out my profile, and checked out where some "write ins" will be held. The first one is Nov. 1 which is the first day of writing. I am going to skip that one because I need to sit down and get started and I know I will want to chat with the people if I go. Not that I don't want to get to know them but I don't want to waste any "writing time" on the first day.

Last night I got my desk at home in order making sure I had lots of space to work without clutter.

I am still trying to figure out what the novel will be about. Some people on the website have their characters defined, an outline done, and an idea of what the novel will be. Not me. I have written down some ideas and will just wait and see what my muse tells me to write. Then I plan to let my fingers fly over the keyboard and let the words fill up pages. (I used to do medical transcription so my fingers really do fly over the keys.)

One of the suggestions I read on the website said to just let the novel take place,  no editing along the way, let it be fun, even if it doesn't make sense. I guess that would be okay, it would be a way of discipline to just write. One person said they had a great idea for a novel so they chose the November writing challenge as a good time to work on it. But it didn't work out well because their inner editor kept making changes along the way and she didn't finish the 50,000 words. She did finish the novel but it took her two years. So this November I am not planning to write the "great" novel that everyone wants to read but plan to write write write. If it turns out to be the wonderful piece that I feel could get published, I will do all the editing I can and try to get it published. I have a few pages started on a novel that I think could be very interesting but won't work on that until after this is over. Maybe after writing so much in November, working on the idea that I think is good will be easier.

I looked at some of my writing that was sitting in folders, in composition books, and in a notebook. I was surprised at how good some of it actually was. I guess putting it down and coming back to it makes it look better.

Well, I better let my brain work on some more ideas and see if I come up with something.

Wish me luck!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Levonne Kickstarts her Creativity

I follow a blog written by Levonne Gaddy She is a very talented photographer, writer and artist. She has started a new venture on a site called Kickstarter.

I had never heard of this program or site before Levonne let me know about it. Artists can start a venture on this site, give a synopsis or sample of what they plan to create and then ask people to support the venture if it is something they would like to see come to fruition.

If the artist meets the financial goal they have set by a certain date, anyone who chose to support the project will have their credit card processed. If the artist does not meet the goal set, no one will have anything charged to their card.

Levonne is writing a book, This Restless Life, about her experiences in the California parks, showing photographs she has taken, and then creating collages of her feelings regarding those photos or experiences below the photo. The samples she has given are awesome and the project appears to be a great idea.

With her talent and drive, this could turn out to be a really good artistic adventure. To check out her project, go to this site. She gives a great description and video regarding this venture.

Good Luck Levonne!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pretty, Scary, Froggy and Fat

Things are looking like Halloween around here. Yesterday Ken and I went to Austin's elementary school to watch the students parade around the block in their costumes.  There were many cute and scary costumes but one young man especially stole our hearts. Yes Austin that is you!

Today Leisure Lake hosted many Halloween events including bingo for the kids, a party and costume contest for the children, hayride trick or treat, adult costume contest, potluck dinner, haunted hayride, and finally karaoke at the clubhouse.

 We had a couple visitors here for the children's activities. Ashlyn and Danica were the "Pretty" from the title above. Danica was a skull witch while Ashlynn was dressed in 50's garb with the poodle skirt, ponytail and scarf around the neck and ponytail.

I think they just noticed something behind them!

Later we went to an impromptu Halloween party at Karin's where we found something very scary.

Andrew, the Bloody Mess!

 Then we came upon something rather fat (sorry Aaron, but you have blown up a bit since we last saw you.)

The A-Team together
This morning Sugar put her costume on again for a short time. She wore it to her first Halloween Parade yesterday when she went to see Austin at school. Lots of people were referring to her as "Froggy," a perfect name for a little dog who loves to put dead toads and frogs in her mouth while out walking.

Trick or treat in our area is not until Wednesday, so we will be seeing lots more characters for sure!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It will be a busy November

I have just committed to something I have never done before. I am a procrastinator for sure. For years I have put off writing seriously. I have started many writing projects from children's books, short stories to novels, both fictional and non-fiction, and have them scattered about in notebooks, on different computers, and some just in my mind. Did you notice the word "started" above? That is a big problem for me. I start writing something with a flourish, get interrupted or run out of time, put it away, and don't go back to it.

So this week, I signed up for the challenge to write 50,000 words in the month of November with the National Novel Writing Month organization. From what I understand, I have made a commitment to write a novel about anything of my choice and try to write 50,000 words in the  month of November.

At this point I have no idea what I will write about. I have no outline, specific idea, genre, or character in mind. I may take ideas from some of the things I have previously started and mold them into something significant but I believe one of the rules is to start fresh. At this point, I plan to let my muse guide me, and to me that muse is God. With His guidance giving me the ideas and words, and my trust that he will get me to the 50,000 word mark by November 30, this should be a great experience.

So if my blogs are short or far and few between in November, please know that I am still sitting at my computer, but not blogging. If I neglect reading my favorite blogs or commenting on them, please forgive me for these 30 days. I will try to post occasionally with a word count. Any encouragement you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Do you have any ideas for a great novel? Let me know or give me some ideas to throw around in the next four days. I am allowed to outline my ideas prior to November 1.

Thanks for following and commenting on my blogs.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Shopping online and true life story (not mine)

Buying used items is popular, especially in this economy. Families find great bargains on furniture, clothes, toys, household furnishings, tools, car parts, camping equipment, and lots more. These items can be found at garage or household sales, trunk and treasure sales, second hand shops, Goodwill stores, and also many sites online such as Craig’s List.
When buying at a garage sale or thrift store you have a good idea of what you are getting because you can see the item, check to make sure all parts are there, and whether the items stills functions as it should.
Buying an item online, say from Craig’s List, can be a different ballgame.  Reading a glowing description of a seller’s personal item can be quite different than what you had in mind. The seller’s interpretation of what is “beautiful, hardly used, in great condition” may not always be the same as what you picture that item to look like.
Let’s take a case of a happy, carefree couple, trying to save a few dollars so they can put it in their sons’ college education savings. Lucy (short for Lucille) scans Craig’s List for a couch. She doesn’t want to pay a lot of money, knows the size she needs, and has an idea of what she is looking for.
She comes across an ad that says, “For sale. Plush, cushy couch; great condition. Tan fabric. Sink down into soft comfortable cushions. Grab a beer, watch the football game with your buddies and relax.”
“Oh look, Ricky,” she exclaims as she points to the computer screen.
“What is it Lucy?” he asks. “I’m trying to watch football.”
“I know. I know. You’re gonna’ love this Ricky. Just take a minute and look at this ad on Craig’s List. It says this couch is made just for you. You will be so comfortable on this couch and it will fit right into our décor. We don’t have to move any furniture around or anything. We will just switch out your old recliner, move this table over there, put my rocker over here, and it will fit right there in front of the t.v.”
“Lucy,” Ricky says, “you just said we don’t have to move any furniture for this to fit.”
“Well….maybe just a little but it is perfect for you Ricky. I want to get this for you. I love you Ricky.”
“Lucy, let me watch the football game. I’ll think about it.”
“Oh  Ricky, thank you! I knew you would like it too!”
“I didn’t say I like it Lucy. I said I want to watch the football game.”
“Okay, Ricky. You just go ahead and watch the game and I won’t bother you anymore.”
Lucy continues scanning through the list of couches and comes across another one. She likes the description but is not sold on it like she was the first one. She writes down the information and the address as a backup.
While Ricky enjoys the game, Lucy gets on the phone and makes arrangements to meet with the owner of the first couch. Although it is in Pittsburgh, PA and Lucy and Ricky live in Struthers, Ohio, she is determined that this is the couch for them.
She then lines up a U-Haul truck, sure she will be bringing home this baby for Ricky. All the arrangements are made for an hour or more trip to Pittsburgh the following weekend. On Saturday, Ricky and Lucy go to the U-Haul rental place, put down a deposit, sign all the paperwork, and drive off. Lucy can’t contain herself. She is going to get a great couch for Ricky. They have a nice drive toward Pittsburgh. Once getting into Pittsburgh, they realize that the address of the couch owner happens to be on one of the busiest streets in Pittsburgh. If you have ever driven in Pittsburgh, you know it is not easy to get around that city without getting lost. Finally, they come upon the correct address.
“Lucy, I don’t know about this place,” Ricky says. “This doesn’t look so great to me.”
“Oh come on Ricky, don’t be a spoilsport. Let’s go see the couch. I’ll bet it is a great one. You know we couldn’t get the same thing in a store for this price.”
They climb up the steps to the porch, having parked the U-Haul in the street and hoping not to get a ticket. The owner opens the door as soon as they get on the porch before they even knock.
“Hi there!” Lucy says with a big grin on her face. “We’re here to buy the couch you had on Craig’s list.”
“It’s right there ma’am,” he says as he points to a couch that had been sitting on the porch for quite a while.
“Oh. That’s it? Ummm….what is this between the cushions? Pretzels? Cookies? Oh here’s some smashed chocolate,” Lucy sighs. “How long has this been on the porch?”
“I don’t know, maybe a year or two. Sit down, try it out. You’re gonna’ love this couch. It is so comfortable. We bring the t.v. out here on the porch, and all the guys in the neighborhood come over and plop down with their beers and snacks and watch the game. Go Steelers!” He lets out a loud burp as Lucy looks at Ricky who is shaking his head no.
“Well thank you very much sir for letting us see your couch. We have one more to look at before we make our decision,” Lucy explains.
Ricky takes hold of Lucy’s arm and guides her quickly to the car. “Well, nice and comfy, will fit right into our décor will it?”
“Oh Ricky. I was just trying to do something really nice for you. You work so hard and deserve only the best. I can’t afford to buy you a new couch so I thought this would be the perfect one for you,” she says almost crying.
“Well this is not the one for me that is for sure.”
“Ricky, if you don’t mind driving a little farther in this U-haul that is getting less than 10 mpg, I have a backup couch to look at.”
The day is long over and Ricky drives the U-Haul back to Struthers, Ohio while Lucy sits sleepily beside him. “You know Lucy, we wasted a whole day, paid for the rental of this U-Haul and the gas, and we still don’t have a new couch.”
“I know Ricky and I am so sorry about that. But don’t forget about the time I did get us a commercial size bounce around for the boys from Craig’s List.”
“Yes, Lucy, I do remember that. We picked it up and it didn’t have the inflator.”
“That’s right Ricky, it didn’t. But I found us one didn’t I? And it was on Craig’s List too.”
“Yes, Lucy, it was. We drove from Struthers, Ohio to Cleveland to pick it up and then you wanted to make sure the bounce around didn’t have any holes in it before you paid for the inflator. So the nice guy let us use the inflator to blow up the bounce around in his warehouse.”
“That’s right Ricky! Wasn’t that nice of him? Imagine if we would have bought the inflator and it didn’t work? We would have spent money on something bad.”
“Oh that was very nice of him for sure Lucy. But he didn’t like it when all those bugs crawled out of the folded up bounce around as it was inflating. Do you remember how we had to clean his warehouse afterward?”
“Oh Ricky. I know. It was my fault. But look, the boys have a nice bounce around in the back yard now.”
“Yes they do Lucy, and they love it. You are a good mother and wife. I know you meant well today. We had a day out together without the boys and got to see beautiful Pittsburgh.”
“Go Steelers!” Lucy exclaims.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Turned out to be a very nice weekend after all

We had a busy but very nice weekend. Friday, after work, Ken picked up one of the A-team, Andrew, who decided he wanted to spend the whole weekend with us. That in itself was a great thing!

We packed up our gear for the weekend, headed to the campground, and unloaded in a hurry. We had three other couples at the campground waiting for our arrival so we could all go out to eat. We went to the Circle Restaurant in Deerfield, Ohio for all you can eat fish dinners. This restaurant offers a wide variety of home cooked food and usually has good service. They make a pancake that won’t even fit on the plate and Andrew decided he could eat it all. He didn’t but if he hadn’t eaten some of my fries, I think he would have made a big dent in it.
It was cold when we got back to camp so we went inside. Andrew and I read some scary stories and watched part of a wrestling video. It wasn’t long before he was falling asleep so we made up his bed and tucked him in.
  Saturday, Andrew and I rode our bikes on the gravel roads which is nearly impossible for this old body of mine. We went to the playground for a while. No matter how old I am, the kid in me comes out when I am near a swing and it makes no difference who might be around or see me, I will still get on and swing high into the sky.

Andrew helped Paco blow some leaves because the weather was great-a slightly cool day but fairly sunny most of the day.
After his arms got tired, he switched off and gave Paco a turn with the blower.

We took a golf cart ride up to the lake and let Sugar and Andrew run around. It seems that no matter where Andrew goes, Sugar is attached to him. Those two really like each other. Andrew told me when he left, “Be sure to give Sugar lots of loving.” She slept with him most of the night for two nights

I cooked Cincinnati Chili throughout the day Saturday and we had two couples come over for hot dogs with sauce, cheese and onions. One of the couples brought some macaroni and cheese with them so we had a complete meal. We sat by the fire for quite some time exchanging stories. The night let up with laughter when Randy decided to mention “The Frog Monster.”
We got up Sunday and Andrew and I went to the Arcade to spend some money. He is quite a race car driver but there is no way I would ever ride in it with him. Parts of his car were falling off all over the track but he finished in the top five I believe.
We then packed up his gear and went to meet his family at a benefit dinner for Kevin. We were amazed at how many people were there even though the doors had just opened. When we left there was a long line of people still waiting to eat. They had about 80 baskets for the Chinese auction and the event was well planned. I hope they raised a good sum of money for Kevin and Jen and their daughters because both will be off work at least throughout the rest of the year. Jen is on family leave to be able to take Kevin to his rehab treatments and doctor appointments.
Ken is now watching the football game and when it is over, I plan to invite him to go on a walk. It is a beautiful sunny day and with the brightly colored leaves it just gorgeous, too beautiful to spend inside for sure.
How was your weekend? Did you get to spend it with family or friends?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Important Memo

From:   Proud Grandmother:
To:     Anyone who will listen
Re:      Grandson, Aaron
Please let it be known, that Aaron McCullough, oldest twin and brother to two, age 11 years, has won a distinctive award.
Aaron has earned the Student of the Month at Struthers Middle School for the fifth grade.
I couldn’t be prouder of him. He has worked very hard this year to get excellent grades,  has shown respect and great manners, made many friends of both students and teachers, and heartily deserves this award.
As part of the reward, he will get a pizza party at 12:00 on October 30, 2012. Look out Aaron, because me and Paco plan to crash that party. We want to celebrate this occasion too.
Good job Aaron. I love you.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Giving and Needing

There is a woman named Jen. She is a daughter, sister, wife, and mother of two precious girls. She works full time, cares for her home, her children and her husband. That doesn’t sound so unusual. What is unusual is that this woman keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny. Not so much by choice, but out of necessity.
About a month ago, the love of Jen’s life, Kevin, suffered a stroke. What made it even worse was the fact that when it happened Jen was not home, not even in town. You see, this woman was visiting a terminally ill friend in Illinois and had left her daughters home with her husband.
The girls woke up around 8:30 am on a Tuesday morning and realized they were late for school. Ashlynn, 10, woke her sister, Danica, 6, and went to see why her dad had not gotten them up for school. What she found astounded her.
There in bed was her father, trying to converse with her, and unable to get up. Ashlynn quickly called her mom’s cell to tell her what happened. The conversation went something like this.
“Mom. Dad didn’t wake us up for school and we are late. He is in bed and he’s talking but it doesn’t make sense. He can’t get out of bed.”
“Hang up and call 911 right now!”  Jen said. That was the start of what Jen hoped was only a nightmare.
Today I had the joy of helping Jen and it felt wonderful.
 The other side of the coin isn’t as nice. Being the person in need of help and asking for or accepting that help is not easy. I wonder why that is? People offer, we hear them, we know they mean it, but it so difficult to say those words, “I need help.”
Finally, after many offers, Jen, my daughter-in-law’s sister, gave in and let me help. For me it was a joyous occasion because she wanted me to meet her daughters when they got off the bus and stay with them until she got home. Definitely not a big deal to me since I love kids, think her girls are darling, and knew I would truly enjoy spending time with them.
I arrived a few minutes before their scheduled bus arrival and waited in the driveway. About five minutes before the bus arrived, Jen called to tell me that Danica, 6, had missed the bus. I would only be greeting Ashlynn, 10, when she got home from school.

I was definitely disappointed that I wouldn’t get that time with Danica too but my time with Ashlynn was an eye opener. I am used to boys, three rambunctious busy boys, all wanting to talk to me at once.
Ashlynn is almost an opposite (at least this experience with her was that way.) She used her key to let us into her home, put her book bag down, took off her coat and went to the kitchen to make herself a snack. I got a kick out of watching her methodical motions as she searched the cupboards for what caught her eye.
She pulled out a bag of microwave popcorn and told me she was going to make it. Having not been around her that often, I wasn’t sure of her abilities but assumed she knew what she was doing. Her long thin fingers pulled the cellophane wrapper away from the bag of popcorn. She laid it on the counter. She read the instructions on the popcorn bag and put it in the microwave. After pushing some buttons she told me she wasn’t really sure what numbers to push on the microwave but she found the popcorn symbol and pushed that. Hoorah Ashlynn! You figured that out on your own.
Ashlynn’s calm demeanor is such a change from my house and my grandsons. It seems we are always in a hurry, cutting corners to get things done quicker. Not Ashlynn. When the microwave was almost done, she opened the door, peered in at the bag and then lifted it out onto the counter. She let it sit there for a couple minutes then meticulously picked at the bag until she got it opened. Once open, she put some popcorn in a bowl, closed the bag, and then picked up the cellophane wrapper to put it in the wastebasket.
We decided that we would watch a movie together. Ashlynn, put the video in and got the television set up (thank goodness she knew how because I sure don’t!) The t.v. volume was so low that I could barely hear any sound. She sat there quietly watching and munching on popcorn. The amazing part of this was that she had the patience and attention to sit and watch all the previews of other movies. No way! Yeah way, she did. All of them.  At my house, we fast forward through them.

In comes Danica with her mom a while later. Now this is what I am used to. A kid who can’t sit on the couch but lays, squirms, or is upside down. This pretty cherubic face doesn’t fit the motions of the active, squirming body.
When we asked her about missing the bus, she let us know in no uncertain terms that this was her “first time” ever missing the bus. Jen and I both said, “I hope it is the last time.” In her defense she explained to us emphatically that last year at least five kids missed the bus. Oh, okay, no big deal then Danica, you only missed it once and out of the whole school last year, five kids missed it.

She is just so darn cute. The eye and face expressions she gave her mother were comical. I had to hide my face so she didn’t see me chuckling. She reminds me so much of Austin, who has “big eyes” like hers. And like, Austin, she could worm into my heart and have her own way without me ever knowing it.
I am blessed with three beautiful, perfect grandsons who light up my life, brighten each day that I get to see them, and make all my worries or bad moods disappear when I am around them.  Since I don't have any granddaughters, being around these two charming girls this afternoon was a delight. Danica is almost a replica of my daughter-in-law, Marissa, and I couldn’t help staring at her and seeing Marissa as a child.
Now that the door is open, I hope Jen will not hesitate to ask us for help again.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sugar Does Photo Shoots

I’m not sure but I think I might be a model. You know, one of those gals that someone is always snapping her picture?
Sometimes they pose, sometimes they don’t. That’s me. Most of the time, the photographer has to be quick to get my picture.
But don’t think I don’t know when Mama is trying to get a good shot. I’ll sit real pretty for a second or two but she still has to be fast.
So, anyway, today, she puts my leash on and we head out like we are going on a walk. Only this time, she has her camera and Papa decides to tag along. I’m really excited because I like when Papa walks me.

We get to this great pile of leaves that I love to play in, and Mama says, “I want to get a picture of her in all those leaves. I think that would be cute.”
So I saunter into those pretty leaves and Papa says, “Sit!”

“Sit? I don’t want to sit in these leaves. I want to ruffle through them, see what I find. “

Man I really love the way they crinkle under my feet. Then they start to stick to my fur like I’m some kind of Velcro toy or something. “Get off me!” I twist and turn my head around to pull at those darn leaves.
 Then I find a special one on the ground and decide it is mine to carry.

Mama tells me again to sit, so I do so she can get just the right shot. Cheese! I think to myself, rather bored. 

We get through that and I think I am off for the rest of my walk with Papa and Mama.

We come upon a bunch of things called pumpkins. I’ve never seen these before. They are kind of cute but not round enough for me to roll around.

So then I am told again, “Sugar sit!” and Papa puts me by these new things in my life and expects me to sit there real pretty. I’d rather go sniff them out and see why I should sit in front of them. They don’t move, they don’t make a sound and I can’t pick any of them up with my teeth. Darn…these things aren’t that great.

Then the modeling photo shoot really starts. Papa gets me to sit for a second, but Mama didn’t snap soon enough. By the time she did, I had turned back to look at Papa. “Can’t you get me out of here Papa so we can continue on our walk?”
Nope, it is not to be. I hear “Sit” again and again until finally I submit and do so. Finally Mama gets the picture that she wants, or close-enough, and I am allowed to get up.
“Okay guys. Let’s get on with this walk.” Wait, we are not going to finish going around the block like we always do? We’re heading back to the camper from the way we came? No, this can’t be!

What about that frog I know is up there by Dan’s driveway? How am I going to pick that up and have Mama make me drop it if we go back the way we came? This isn’t fair! I do all the modeling and then we have to go back to the camper! Geez.
On the way back, we came across some Halloween decorations. I’m not sure what that is all about either but I know Mama and Papa got me a costume to wear.
Mama says pics of me by these will make some nice Halloween cards and then Papa goes crazy! “Are you out of your mind?” he asks Mama. 
No she is not out of her mind, she just loves me and thinks I am so darn cute, which I am.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sparse Crowd

Things are coming to a season close here at Leisure Lake Campgrounds. Some of the full-timers who stay here for the summer and early fall months have now left to go south. The other full-timers are getting their sites prepared for the winter before leaving. Each week, there are less and less campers here.

The water should be shut off at the end of October or early in November. I would assume that will be the time that we only camp occasionally in the winter. Last year we had high hopes of being here a lot in the winter but didn't make it. We had a mild winter here in Oho last year but we still didn't come out  much. I think part of the reason was that at the time we were still "newbies" learning our way around winter camping, Leisure Lake, and making friends.

We have had a great summer here and have met so many people. There is always someone here to talk to no matter where you go in the park. Campers are such friendly people and when we are at the campground, it seems that people are here to relax. There is no one upsman stuff going on here. I truly appreciate that because after a long week of working (sometimes stressful and sometimes not) I just want to kick back and let my blood pressure return to normal.

Ken and I joke about how when we get here, we feel like our bodies just say, "Ahhhhhh" like a sigh of relief. Do you feel that when you are at a campground?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another set of twins in the family?

Sugar has a certain look on her face when she is just staring at me. Her mouth looks like a straight line and she reminds me of the Muppets.
She has a poof of hair above her lips and of course more below.
There is another member of the family who also can make the same look, has hair above the lips and more below.
Their hair coloring does not match perfectly but they both have white and that peachy-caramel color mixed in.
I’ll let you decide if they can pass for twins.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Plop Plop Now but Bing Bing Bing later

We ordered a Carolina Carport to cover our camper. The main reason we are getting one is to protect our roof.

There are plenty of trees in this campground and the majority of them are nut trees or oak trees. Recently large branches have fallen but luckily none have landed on any trailers. There was a rather large branch that fell next to the camper which now occupies our former site here at Leisure Lake.

A few weeks ago we filled out a form to have some dead branches near our camper removed. This was done about two weeks ago.

We have lots of acorns and nuts falling here in the early fall. It is like a concert of Plops, plings, bangs, and bings.

When they land on our neighbor's wooden roof over his deck it is more a hard hitting sound. When they hit our camper roof it is more of a thud. But when we get the carport which is metal, it will be more like bing bing bing.

Our lot is pie shaped, narrow in front and wide as it goes toward the back. But right in the middle of our lot are three trees in a line. Between the angle of our lot and the trees which are in front of our camper, we had a tough time figuring out how to make the carport fit. Todd, our local rep from Carolina Carport, came out and measured and figured that out for us. After showing us all the styles, sizes and changes we could make, we narrowed it down to a 20W x 31L carport. Next was to choose the color. We chose barn red to match our shed and picnic table. Once the carport is in, we will paint the deck to match.

There is a second advantage to the carport. It will be wide enough to cover our deck. We won't need to use our awning which we have to remember to roll up before leaving or when it is going to storm.

Ken started getting ready for its arrival which we were told would be three to six weeks. He removed the decking and some of my flower pots. We are now sitting outside on gravel but at least it is level.

Hopefully the carport will come in the next week or two before it starts getting much colder.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Scary Sugar Sleuth


Boy did I surprise Mama Sunday morning. No, no, no….I didn’t skip out of church or anything like that.
She took me for a walk. She told me we were going to walk in the woods.
And that wasn’t bad enough. She said we were gonna walk in the “Haunted Forest” .

I heard the A-Team talking about that Haunted Forest thing. They said they went on a hayride through the Haunted Forest last year.
Well, that sounded like fun -a hay ride.
But Mama didn’t say anything about a hayride. She said we were gonna go on a long walk. Not so much fun if you ask me.

So anyway, on the way to the Haunted Forest, I remembered the boys saying how scared they got.
SCARED???      Sugar SCAREd????        Ummmm…No
Sugar does not get Scared!
Over and over I told myself, "Sugar Sleuth does not get scared."

But I had never been to a haunted place before. I don’t even know what that means.

Since the A-Team was scared to go on the Haunted trail maybe I should be ..should I say, something like cautious?
As we got closer to the Haunted Forest, I decided Sugar Sleuth needed to get into action and protect Mama and me.
I put my nose close to the ground, checking for any haunts.

Aha! I found one and snatched it up before Mama even saw.
Oh boy…..she wants haunted, I’m gonna give her haunted.

There was something sticking out of my mouth that gave me away.
“What do you have in your mouth?” Mama asked. “Drop it.”
I clamped those chops of mine down hard. I’m not giving this up. Sugar Sleuth found it on her own and she’s taking it to the Haunted Forest.
 Mama bent down and told me again to drop it. No way! Then she tried to figure out what I had. She said it looked like a piece of elastic sticking out of my mouth.
She tugged on it but I wouldn’t let it budge. Finally she got my teeth apart and pulled it out of my mouth.
“Boo!” I said.
 She didn’t hear me though because she was squealing and gagging. Sugar Sleuth pulled a Halloween prank on Mama. 
Mama pulled a mouse out of my mouth.
Mama was not happy with my surprise. But Sugar Sleuth put the scare into Mama!