Monday, June 25, 2012

Sugar Makes a New Friend

Hey, Sugar here again. Mama went to bed and I'm using her 'puter again. I just wanted to tell you about my exciting day.

Today I got to meet a really nice man, Dr. Troy Parks. I liked him a lot and I'm pretty sure he thought I was kind of cute. Today was my first visit with a vet..vetn.. vetinar.. (you know, an animal doctor). Both my mama and papa took me 'cause they wanted to learn all about how I am and what to expect. The nice doctor put me on this neat shiny table and listened to my heart. I didn't know I had three valves on one side and one on the other. I heard him explaining that to mama after he listened. He said I sound good and I'm in good shape. Wheww... I was glad to hear that and I could tell from the look on mama's face that she was too.

That's me and Dr. Parks. See his shiny table?

One of my favorite things in the world to do is roll around in the grass. It is so soft and tickles my back.

Do you see any of them fleas or ticks around?

Dr. Parks talked a lot about fleas and ticks and how Mama and Papa should take care of me. Since I like the grass so much and we camp so much, we have to be extra careful with the Sugar. I saw Papa carrying out some special shampoo and some other stuff. I sure hope it works because I didn't like the looks of those ticks and fleas on the pictures on Dr. Parks' wall. YUCKKK!! Remember I'm a girlie girl (most of the time).

Anyway, since I was so good at the doctor's today, Papa bought me my first rawhide. YIPPPEEE!!
I really love my rawhide.

That's all for now. I better hit the Sugar Shack. Good Night!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


The house two doors away from ours was destroyed by fire in a matter of minutes. A young family with a son, age 4, and daughter, age 2, lived in that house.  The father had left for work as usual that morning while his family still slept. But just as he was going to clock into work he got the phone call that his house had caught fire. Smoke alarms had awakened his family. His wife was sleeping in the same room as their daughter and his son in his own room. The mother yelled for her son to come quickly and he did. She said the smoke in the girl’s bedroom was so thick she couldn’t see her daughter’s face. Once both children were with her, she lifted the window and set them on a ledge of a roof outside the bedroom. She then climbed out with them and yelled for help. The little boy helped her yell.
Finally, a neighbor heard her calls for help and came to her rescue. He quickly located a ladder and got all three of them down to safety.  Within four minutes of being called, the fire department was on the scene. It was just as they were coming onto our street that we had gotten outside, having received a call from our daughter-in-law who lives across the street telling us the house was on fire and that she had called 911 already. Ken was prepared to go inside that burning house to save those children. As we ran up the street, the firetrucks came down. Ken yelled as loud as he could, “There are children in that house, two little kids.” It was then that we were told they had gotten out all right and were sitting on a neighbor’s deck.

We watched in horror as the flames shot out of the living room window, then upward. Before long they spread to the other side of the house downstairs and smoke was curling out around the roof.  All of this happened within less than a half hour of the father leaving for work to provide for his family.
His wife sat wrapped in a neighbor’s robe in the back of an ambulance with her two children, all of them with black smudges across their cheeks. Through all of this, she remained calm and her children acted fine.  After being checked by the EMT’s they were allowed to exit the ambulance. Neighbors located some clothes for the family to wear while they waited for the father to come home.
The house that this family rented was gone along with all of their belongings. Four people united as a family had no place to live, no clothes to wear, no toys to play with, and no furniture. Yet through all this trauma they remained calm. Their parents arrived soon and held them close, took the children and carried them.  

This family may not have a house to live in yet it is apparent they have a home, wherever it is that they live. This young couple spend time with their children. They didn’t have all the material wants of this world and bought furniture off Craig’s list when they could. They did not have cable tv by choice, something rare in today’s society. They prefer to spend time together as a family rather than watching t.v. They did have a collection of children’s movies that they enjoyed together. The children had a trampoline in their backyard that I enjoyed watching them play on. Sometimes the parents would get on it with them or the mother would be on the outside of it retrieving items that fell off it. I’ve watched as this family sat outside and played in the children’s plastic playhouse, or sat in chairs in the back yard.

Today the house sits boarded up, charred wood and melted vinyl siding hanging. In the yard is some of the furniture the family had bought from Craig’s list, the black remains of a couch that her brother had slept on only weeks before. The children’s playhouse still sits in the backyard along with a small plastic sliding board. The father asked Kenny if he would take down his children’s trampoline and store it for him until they find another place to live.
Having no renter’s insurance, this family will have to start over. Through the good will of neighbors and friends, things are starting to come together. They have been given clothes and toys by the bagful, a donation of a used washer and dryer and stove. Already they are looking for another house to make into a home. 
A house can be destroyed, repaired, replaced or you can move to a different one. But a home is something you build to last, no matter where that house sits. A home represents security, love, fun, family, laughter and stability. It is a place to relax and act yourself.  A place to learn values, responsibility, about faith, government of body and family, respect. In a home there is always someone there for you.

Have  you checked the batteries in your smoke alarm lately? Does that fire extinguisher you have even work or is it expired? Take a couple minutes today and check.
 Smoke alarms that were all hooked together in this family’s home is what saved their lives. They made that house their home and will do so again in the next house they find. Good luck to all of them.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Proud and Happy Father

Ken Jr in winner's circle with a sponsor, Bill McCullough from McCullough WeatherSeal
Can you give us one more?

From start to finish
Your goal is to win it.

Started seventh, finished first
Definitely not the worst.

Your expectations are held high
Second place driver can only sigh.

A great job you have done,
Dad can again say, "My son just won!"

Ken, Jr. won the feature last night making it four wins in a row. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments on and off the track. When the race was over, Ken, Sr, turned to the people behind us and said, "That is my son!"

Ken, Sr. told me this morning that next to marrying me, having children is the best thing he has done. All week, Ken has been anticipating his time with his children and grandchildren for dinner tonight.

Ken is a great dad who always put his children's welfare first. He wanted the best for them and did his best to give them a good life. He taught them to be responsible and accountable. All that hard work through the growing up years has paid off. Our children are wonderful adults, making their own way in life, and finding time to care for and help others in need.

Happy Father's Day Ken!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Target on his Back?

Kenny is doing exceptionally well this year with racing. He has won the last three features along with some of the heats. He has every right to be proud! He works hard all week on his car in the evenings after working all day. We are all so happy to see his great accomplishments and that his hard work paid off.

This week he told me that when he first started racing he didn't know if he would ever have a feature win and would have been happy with one. He can't believe that he has won three in a row in one season.

Keep up the good work, son. You earned it and deserve the wins. Don't let them take it away from you. Watch out for that bull's eye  on your back though!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sugar Sleuth
I love being outside at the campground. There are lots of things for me to get into, mainly dirt.

Sugar's gonna be in trouble!
I don’t miss anything going on around me. That’s why they call me Sugar Sleuth. Those black ants think I don’t see them, but I do. One of these days, I’m gonna’ get one of them too.

Sugar Sleuth in action

Sugar Sleuth to the rescue!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time Flies and then We Retire

It's been a while since I posted. Life has gotten hectic since we adopted Sugar, you know the gal who keeps taking my computer to post her own thoughts. She is a sweetie so her name fits. Ken says she is going to keep me young. I found that funny because in order to "keep" me young, I need to be young. I am getting a lot more exercise walking her (when she will walk on the leash) and chasing her to take things out of her mouth. She really has brightened up my life. I still miss Clayton but having Sugar helps fill the void. I didn't know if I ever would get another dog. After my heart started to heal a little, I considered adopting a rescue dog, one that was over a year old and already housebroken and somewhat trained. I didn't picture myself starting over with a puppy. But once I saw her, she had me. She is just too darn cute!  We weren't looking for a dog when she happened into our lives. A family here at the campground had three pups. Two were already spoken for and Sugar was the last. A friend was showing her to our neighbor so I went over to see her. That was it. If I hadn't taken her, the neighbor would have. He said he was glad I took her because he can now watch her grow up.

In a recent post I talked about Barb who turned 65. Well she did it up right. The week of her birthday, she unexpectedly decided to retire in two weeks. We are all so happy for her. She worked at the same company since graduating high school. Over 46 years at the same place is a rare event anymore. Congratulations Barb! Enjoy your life of leisure because you definitely deserve it.

Our daughter, Karin, with her Aunt Barb
We enjoyed Barb's retirement party last Friday, the day she retired. It was put together quickly by her co-workers and was held at a local restaurant/bar which is frequented by the workers of the company.
Barb smiled all evening as she greeted people she worked with over the years. Everyone likes Barb so there were a lot of people coming and going throughout the night.

Our grandsons, the A-team, showed up and each handed Aunt Barb a rose. Andrew spilled the beans though when he said, "My mom says we have to give this to you." To add insult to injury, the roses were taken from a boquet one of the co-workers gave Barb! The moment was still special though and one Barb will remember.

The local place where Barb's party was held has so much character and memories for so many people in our community. People who went there as kids are now taking their kids and grandkids back to this little place. I'll do a post soon with some interesting facts about the Golden Dawn in Youngstown, Ohio.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Sugar here again! Man oh man, I am having a good time!

My mama, you know, the one Papa calls Jan, brings me to work every day.  On the way to work I ride in the car pretty good and sometimes Mama holds me.
But when she drives herself, I try to stay on the floor but it so hard because I get lonely. Then I crawl up on the seat next to her. She puts her arm around me and I feel safe. 

I like it better when Papa drives.

I made lots of friends here and they really like me. I must have charisma.  
My friend, Les

Mr. Merv at WeatherTite, tries to act real gruff but he is really just a pussy cat. I have him wrapped around my finger and he tells Mrs. Merv he wants to take me home or get a puppy like me.
Here I am being such a good girl under mama’s desk. She fixed it up real nice for me with a towel from home.

Mama brings all my gear in this red bag. She is too busy working so I think I’ll just use it for a while.

I bring my yellow teddy bear with me every day.  Papa came through with a chew toy for me, shaped like a bone. It is almost too big for my mouth. But I don’t let that worry me…I just keep trying.

I cornered that red ball against the wall the other day and barked and barked at it. I think I scared it because it didn’t move. Then when I got hold of it again, I sunk my teeth in deep and it went whoosh and flattened out a little. I still play with it though ‘cause now it’s easier for me to get hold of it.

Well, I gotta go, Teddy is waiting for me to play with him again.  Then we’re going home.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sugar Shack

Hi There! My name is Sugar.

Jan & Ken are my new family

The place I stay in at night is called the Sugar Shack. Wonder who thought of that one? I can agree with the “shack” part of the name, but the Sugar part, no way. I know what Sugar is and that is sweet, sweet, sweet like me. This place is not what I call “sweet”. I might call it a dump except then it would be my fault for messing it up.

It's me,Sugar, rough housing in the Shack!

I mean, look at it. I live in a home with barred windows. What else can that mean?
And the view from in here is not great either. Everything I see is at ground level. No high rise condo with a view of the water for me.
Wish I could play with my ball

It isn’t really that bad though. I only stay inside this shack at night or sometimes if my family leaves for a little while. I try as hard as I can to maintain my dignity and behave in here but I get lonesome and bored so I bark and bark and then I turn on the tears.  The crying usually brings someone running to check on me at night because that is when my family is home.
But when they leave me in here and go away, no one seems to care. I worry whether anyone will ever come to get me out of here. You see, once the door closes, I am locked inside. This is not your typical home where you turn the knob and the door opens. They forgot to put a knob on the inside for me. What a shack!
The furnishings in here are sparse too. There is only a towel to lie on and my teddy bear and me. Maybe someday I will get a chew toy to keep me occupied while I am in here. Anyone out there have an extra chew toy they want to donate to Sugar?

Well, I’m off to work with my Mama. I hope I can behave again today in her office. I hear her telling people that I have been a good girl. Let’s see what happens today.
Until I get back to you,
Woof, Woof.